David Bowen
CEO, Senior Hearing Representative & Co-Owner

David Bowen is the CEO, Senior Hearing Representative and co-owner with his wife, Kris. He is responsible for overseeing all hearing representatives and implementing strategic initiatives to help clients reduce the cost of workers compensation liabilities. He has a degree in Business Management and is a Certified Hearing Representative as well as holding a Self-Insured Certificate. He is married with three boys and a wonderful dog(Lucky). He enjoys spending time with his family which includes golfing, watching baseball, and hunting.

David can be reached at:

Kris Bowen
Client Services Director & Co-Owner

Kris Bowen is the Client Services Director and co-owner with her husband, David. She is responsible for client oversight, internal controls and long-range planning. Kris has a degree in Criminal Justice and is a certified trainer with her WCCP and California Self Insured Certificate. She strives to assist clients as quickly as possible with any issues as well as maintain consistency throughout the WCR family. When she is not spending time with her family, Kris enjoys time at the gym or spa as well as watching baseball.

Kris can be reached at

Tanya Little

Tanya Little is a Certified Hearing Representative and walk-through specialist. Mrs. Little oversees the walk-through department. Her goal is to ensure quick closures, quality work and continuous growth to support our clients throughout the state of California. Tanya has her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. Naturally she is completive and has a strong sense of urgency. Over the 9 years she has been with us, she has used those traits to obtain almost 10,000 walk thru’s to date. Tanya is a wife and new mom who enjoys weekend getaways with her family and watching hockey. Particularly her team, the Anaheim Ducks!

You can reach Tanya at

Robert Little

Robert Little is a Certified Hearing Representative specializing in liens and Case in Chief files. He has been with WCR for seven years. Robert’s number one goal is the relationship he has with his clients, attorneys and lien claimants who he deals with on a daily basis. Robert believes in order for a fast and effective closure of the files, there needs to be communication and trust in all of his relationships. In his free time, Robert enjoys exercising, long distance running, cooking, and traveling.

You can reach Robert directly at:

Chanel McCoy

Chanel McCoy is a Certified Hearing Representative and Claims Consultant with 27 years’ experience in the claims industry. She started as an examiner 1991 and also worked as an investigator, High Cost Claims examiner, Supervisor and Claims Manager handling Worker’s Compensation, defective construction, general liability, and chemical exposure cases. In 2013, she joined WCR as a Hearing Representative and Claims Consultant. As a hearing representative, she enjoys helping clients mitigate their cases, using creative (out of the box) solutions to traditional claim issues and sharing her knowledge. While she loves to engage in a good fight, Chanel is always mindful of the bigger picture and realizes the value of flexibility in resolving claim issues. In addition to her hearing representative certification, she also holds WCCA, WCCP and Self Insured certifications and is one class shy of a Risk Management designation. When she is not working, Chanel is busy playing Uber driver to her 13 year old daughter, working as a skin care consultant, or hanging out with her two Beagles, Pickles and Latte.

Chanel can be reached at

Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson is a Certified Hearing Representative with over 30 years of experience in the workers’ compensation industry. Janet is responsible for handling lien files, along with attending scheduled hearings with the WCAB. Janet has secured certificates for IEA classes, Essentials in Communication, Business Writing & Grammar Skills, along with the California Self Insured Certificate. She is extremely detailed oriented, and is always willing to help assist clients and coworkers, whenever needed. When she is not handling your lien needs, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking for others, and attempting to sing karaoke. Janet can be reached at

Noreen Garcia

Noreen Garcia is a Certified Hearing Representative. She has 30 years’ experience in the work comp industry negotiating and litigating liens on behalf of insurance carriers. When she is not spending time with her family, Noreen enjoys traveling, gardening, staying active at the gym, hikes, and walks with her dogs.

Her direct contact information is

Sienna Hoyt

Sienna Hoyt is a Certified Hearing Representative. She is a seasoned member of our Walk Thru team, and has enjoyed doing so for the last 5+ years. Sienna is an expert on all things settlement, whether the case be in pro per or litigated. She always finds a way to accommodate our clients’ requests & settle their cases as quickly as possible. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her with her loved ones doing their favorite things, like going to Disneyland or watching their favorite sports teams. Sienna commonly appears at all the WCABs in Southern California, so an email to is always the best way to reach her.

Christina Twachtmann

Christina Twachtmann is a Certified Hearing Representative. She is an experienced Walk-Thru Specialist with a degree in Business Management. She loves that her job is different every day, usually because walk throughs are completing so quickly. Christina enjoys the fast past of her job making it exciting and enjoyable. Outside of work, you will find her spending time with her family and her dog, Kyle or at Disneyland. You can reach her either directly at (714) 409-3275 or email at

Samantha Moore

Samantha Moore is a Certified Hearing Representative and Certified Bill Reviewer. She has been with the company since 2014. She works closely with clients to build relationships and trust to ensure the client is happy with the outcome of their file closures. Samantha enjoys shopping, brunch, and baking. She also loves cuddling up for a good Netflix marathon with her big puppy, a Saint Bernard, Groot.
She can be reached through her e-mail

Jazmin Navarro

Jazmin Navarro is a Certified Hearing Representative with Work Comp Resolutions. She has been in the Work Comp industry for 9 years and with WCR for 5 years. She loves to read up on case law and new findings in the industry as it is constantly changing. She enjoys working with people, the art of litigation and a good take nothing! Outside of work, she loves to shop, travel, cook and of course, her Golden Retriever.

Jazmin can be reached at

Jodi Purcell

Jodi Purcell is a Certified Hearing Representative and Walk Thru Specialist. She works directly with injured workers, reviews adequacy of claims before settlement, has knowledge in liens resolutions and PQME processing request. Jodi strives to provide quick and efficient work. In her free time she enjoys being a mom, working out, listening to music & binge watching Murder Documentaries. You can reach Jodi at

Erik Ramirez

Erik Ramirez is a Certified Hearing Representative and Spanish interpreter. He litigates case issues in-house and attends court appearances on lien issues with an aim to expedite file closures. Erik has a degree in Business Management and is currently working on obtaining his court interpreting certification. On his free time, Erik is an avid runner whom also enjoys traveling abroad and photography. You can reach Erik directly at (714) 408-2240 or

Anthony Rodriguez

Anthony Rodriguez is a Certified Hearing Representative and Certified Bill Review Expert. He has been successful with getting take nothings and withdrawal of liens from multiple lien claimants. He always attempt to get liens resolved as soon as possible to avoid the cost of litigation, but if lien claimants continue to be unreasonable, Anthony will go all the way to trial if necessary. He is married and has two sons age 10 and 3. Anthony can be reached at (714) 418-4431 or via email at

Allan Alvarado

Allan Alvarado is a Certified Hearing Representative with 9 years’ experience and knowledge in Workers Compensation lien litigation and negotiations. He enjoys excelling in the industry and going beyond his client’s expectations. Allan understands the value and job security of good hard work for clients, especially when tackling the most challenging of files. Before switching over to defense in 2016, Allan owned and ran his own lien litigation and collections company for 7 years giving him a well-rounded understanding of the industry. Outside of work, Allan enjoys spending time with his family, especially being a father, coaching his daughter’s softball team and taking road trips around the states visiting landmark sites, but also enjoys a relaxing weekend grilling at home especially during baseball and football season. His direct contact information:

Michele Meadors

Michel Meadors is our Northern California Sr. Marketing Director. She has 10+ years in the manager care and cost containment services including product marketing, metrics analysis, medical provider network oversight and compliance. She has a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations from CSU, Chico and was a founding sister of Alpha Delta Phi.

Michele can be reached at

Angela Hobson

Angela Hobson is a Sr. Marketing Director with WCR. She comes to us with 15 years workers compensation ancillary sales experience. She has worked for several top industry leader companies such as One Call Care Management and has assisted with a multitude of Organizations such as OC Rims, EWC, and PIWC. Angela has a consultative approach to her sales. She is highly analytical, listens to her client’s needs, and implements programs/services to enhance their business structure/offerings. When not working, Angela enjoys spending time with her family and friends, outdoors skiing, boating, hiking, running, going to concerts and entertaining. You can reach her directly at e-mail:

Melodie Willey

Melodie Willey is a Certified Hearing representative with over 23 years’ experience. During those years she has worked with many different entities. She has worked with many different types of claims, such as cities/counties/municipalities, long shore man, tribal, farming/agriculture, restaurant and manufacturing. She loves a good fight on a case, but equally understands that there are times when a closed file is the best type. Melodie strives to move files to closure as quickly as humanly possible. When not working diligently for her clients, she spends time with her family and four dogs, in the mountains, at the river or by the ocean. Her son just graduated from high school, so she has new found freedom that she is trying to figure out! You can reach her by email at or by telephone at 714-701-8566